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Large Windows Are No Problem At All

While big windows are great to bring in a lot of natural light, they also can cause problems if not ordered with the right glass package.  Older dual pane windows were often clear glass.  While they are a dual pane window, and often have vinyl frames, they let in damaging UV radiation that causes furniture, drapes, hardwood floors, carpet, even artwork, to fade.  The “first generation” dual pane windows installed just a few years ago are not NFRC Energy Star rated as well, meaning they let in all that nasty Sacramento summertime heat.  We often go into homes in the summer what have these and the rooms are a stifling sauna!  Yet they sometimes are a kid’s bedroom!  Or even worse, they let out too much heat in the winter time, causing sky-high energy bills during the cold winter months.  That’s why everything we order and install has the latest Low-E, spacer system, and argon gas to prevent wasted energy use and provide maximum comfort to our customers.  Call us for a free estimate so we can show you how we can help with your window woes!

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660 Commerce Dr Suite E, Roseville,
CA 95678, USA

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