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Need Larger Than Normal Windows?

California homes offer a variety of styles, from quaint Hollywood Bungalows to massive mansions in Silicon Valley. The different styles really become apparent to their window configuration and size.  Older homes, built 80 years ago or more, often have many “wood sash” hung windows.  Those older “Craftsman” style homes we see have smaller windows, but more of them, often 30 or more.  Typical “Ranch” style homes from the ’50s tend to have a lot fewer, often less than 10, and usually have a patio door (or two).  Homes built later, especially in the ’90s and the 2000s may have a lot of shapes or geometric windows, and they usually have large horizontal slider windows.  Our supplier, Anlin Window Systems, is known for being able to build very large windows, in both width and height, for any of the myriads of homes we see in and around the Sacramento Area.  Call us for a free estimate to see what we can build for you!

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660 Commerce Dr Suite E, Roseville,
CA 95678, USA

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