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Not all vinyl windows are created equal.  Many low-end, or what we call “builder-grade” windows are made just for a price, and have little consideration for style and the look of the finished product.  These cheap vinyl windows may even have decent Energy ratings and maybe even a lifetime warranty to boot, but make sure you see a sample inside and out before you install them in your home.  You do not want to have to look at ugly windows, do you?  We are replacing more and more of these cheap vinyl windows that the builders installed in homes 15 to 20 years ago.  They did not bother with the style or how they looked (or how they held up over time!) so we are replacing these all over the Sacramento region.  Let one of our knowledgeable window experts show you an actual window sample so you know what we offer and to educate you on windows.

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660 Commerce Dr Suite E, Roseville,
CA 95678, USA

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