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The Heart Of A Modern, Efficient Dual Pane Window

At the core of the windows, we offer, is the sealed insulated glass package, or “SIG”.  This is the heart of your windows and is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to energy efficiency, comfort, noise reduction, security, and longevity.  So it is VERY important.  That is why Anlin Window Systems only uses the non-metal, 100% silicon SuperSpacer in ALL of their windows and doors.  Many window manufacturers will use inferior metal spacer systems (such as intercept) and claim they are just as good, but they are not!  The structural foam desiccant impregnated matrix of superspacer not only lasts longer in tests and in the real world, but has significant benefits over metal spacers.  Did you know that it is quieter, too?  Ask to see our demo kit featuring Infinite Plus glass package that has this awesome spacer system at it’s core!

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660 Commerce Dr Suite E, Roseville,
CA 95678, USA

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