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What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Window materials and options have changed a lot over the years as energy codes have become more strict, and as utility rates have climbed. Generically, they are white vinyl double pane windows, usually with a low-e (low emissivity) coating that will help control heat flow in and out of the home. Be aware that there are regional differences and climate zones that help determine what would be a good product for your area. This is best shown as the Energy Star Map. Here in California, the minimum required energy rating is called the Title 24 Section 6 requirement. Most window manufacturers’ meet this criteria because it is pretty easy to achieve these minimum ratings. A savvy dual pane window consumer would be wise to find a window that exceeds these rating for the maximum energy savings.

What Are New Construction Windows

These are most often what a new home builder installs in new residential developments. Often these are ordered as “stock” sizes and are made in bulk, and are installed over the framing and moisture barrier before the final exterior of the home. These windows and doors are typically the least expensive brands and series because builders are selling a home, and the windows are just one piece of a larger home. Often they only carry a one-year warranty as that is all a new home builder needs to have. Typically they are specified with the minimum required energy ratings (Like Title 24) and are built to be a low-cost as possible. Unfortunately, homeowners who have been in a new home after 15 to 20 years will experience numerous problems ranging from difficult operation, locking, seal-failure, and other issues. There has been a tremendous surge in replacing windows in homes less than 20 years old in Sacramento as these cheap vinyl windows are showing their age. Some local manufacturers here in the Sacramento area focus on this segment and produce low-priced windows for the builder market. Homeowners seeking to fix problems should look at quality replacement windows, not the low budget builder-grade windows as they would not really be getting anything better.

Looking for a Window Company in Roseville?

You’ve come to the right place!


Good News Home Improvement is your reliable local window replacement contractor. Trusted by thousands of homeowners, we have the ability and skill to make your energy-efficient window and door project as simple and affordable as possible. We are an established reputable window replacement contractor offering only the best top-rated replacement windows and doors in the Greater Sacramento Area.
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Installing Replacement Windows

Step 1

Meet with Homeowner to discover needs and offer suggestions. Contract with specifications filled out.

Step 2

Measure existing openings to determine correct sizes, and other installation needs. Window order form completed and verified with the window factory.

Step 3

Remove old window sash, glass, prepare the opening for the new unit.

Step 4

Exterior and interior trim and seal as needed for a weathertight installation.

Step 5

Clean up of all job site debris around all work areas.

Customer Reviews

  •   I would like to thank good news for doing such a good job on my windows. I like how the salesman understood we wanted time to think about it. I know sometimes salesman get real pushy (annoying) but not these guys! It's been over 1 year and the only problem I had was the window locked and got stuck. They immediately set me up with the warranty people and got it taken care of. I really value the honesty and integrity of Ed. They really worked out the best deal for me. Out of 3 bids they were my choice! Thank you

    thumb mavile h.

      After waiting for the longest 6 months of my life to move into a home that was being occupied by the previous owners (it was part of the agreement to sell to me a Rent Back), I was horrified at the conditions my home was left.  The windows and doors were rusted, busted, and completely neglected!!!  With all of the rain, the carpets were soaked and disgusting because of the nasty doors and windows.  Not to mention, mold EVERYWHERE!!! I was absolutely mortified and knew that there was no way I could move in my personal belongings.  After reading so many reviews on Yelp, I decided to contact them to see if they could help. Let me just say that God sent these angels immediately to help me in my hour of need.  

    The staff was amazing and pleasant to be around.  Top notch work, and the pride that all of the members at Good News have in their work is without question.  

    I've already referred my sister and neighbors to them.  

    May God Bless you All.  Thank you guys.


    Patti Smith

    thumb Patti S.
  •   We used Good News Home Improvement to install windows in our house. The entire team was incredibly professional, and worked super efficiently - six windows completely replaced and cleaned up in 1.5 days. I worked with Lon on multiple revisions of the quotes as we changed our mind, and he not only talked us through the process but had very helpful suggestions on little things we wouldn't have otherwise thought of, like soundproofing, types of locks, etc. He followed up all along the way, including and after installation. I had a very specific question about the locking mechanisms for which they called the manufacturer and quickly got me the answers I needed to make an informed decision. Roger, the owner, also called me a couple of times to check-in. Brian and Travis were great - they were considerate of work schedules and were fine with our dog, and not only was their work of the highest quality, but they were also incredibly knowledgeable about what they were doing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Good News Home Improvement to anyone!

    thumb Joseph M.

      We recently completed a major project with Good News Home Improvements, in which we had all of our siding replaced and new windows installed. It was a great experience, the crew was professional and communicative when we had questions, and incredibly handy when a problem arose. We had one small issue, a pierced water pipe due to a stray nail, at 5 pm. They had a plumber there within the hour and the problem was fixed that night, meaning we didn't end up with our water turned off overnight.

    I was really impressed that they cleaned up our yards every night while they were working so we could let our dogs safely run around.
    Last but not least, the painter, Edward, was so good that he finished our whole house in 2 days. It looks so great that the neighbors keep commenting on how amazing the paint looks.  I would highly recommend Good New Home Improvements to anyone considering a larger project.

    thumb Justin S.
  •   I wanted to replace the original windows in my house, because the house was built in the late eighties, and the window insulation had become very poor. I compared different window companies, including Good News Home Improvements ("Good News"), because Good News provided more benefits and advantages than the other companies. Not only did Good News match the prices of other companies, but the representative who came to my house, Lon, was thorough in his explanation of window operation and of the different features of the most energy-efficient windows (e.g. U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient, argon gas filling, etc.). He lugged the sample Anlin windows for me to view and called out the different energy-efficient features of the windows. His tutorial helped me to be confident in selecting the window and patio door types for my house. Lon spoke with me and my mom multiple times and was always patient and knowledgeable. After I reviewed the Anlin pamphlets and asked Lon numerous questions, I ultimately decided to choose Anlin windows (because of Anlin's reputation in the field and warranties) and to go with Good News, as Lon showed that he cared about customer service and provided the most competitive price.

    The window installation process was smooth, even though it had to be rescheduled once because of the rain. Brian and Travis were the consummate professionals and finished the job (10 windows, 2 doors) in two days. They were attentive to detail and cleaned everything well.

    I am very satisfied with Good News. From the very beginning, Lon emphasized that the company values excellent customer service and delivering the best window products in the field. He and his team (Brian, Travis, Jenny, Derek) worked together seamlessly and provided effective, continuous communication throughout the entire process. For example, I live in Roseville, and the City of Roseville provides rebates for new window installations. I needed various specific information from Good News, and Jenny promptly provided all of the required documents. I was stunned by how rapidly I received all the information I needed to apply for a window rebate. I ended up receiving the window rebate with the City shortly thereafter.

    thumb Anna Q.

      I was looking for a window contractor to install new dual pane windows for my townhouse I bought in 2015.  My windows were 34 years old.  As luck would have it, Brower Mechanical and Good News Home Improvements work hand in hand when you request an energy assessment on your home.

    Good News HI gave me a really good estimate that included a new construction install on a small entry window and the patio door.  I had 9 windows installed and a patio door.  I like the Amerimax windows better than the Milgard, etc. that the other companies are using.

    The installers were Tony, Gary, Victor and Zach.  They were such hard workers and very thorough.

    After my windows were installed, I had Good News HI install two inch wood blinds on my windows and vertical blinds with fabric on my patio door.  The installers were Ed Holliday (the owner) and Roger.

    I've recommended this company to my friends and neighbors.  They're very professional and did an outstanding installation job.  

    Needless to say, I'm extremely happy with my new windows and blinds.

    thumb Tami M.
  •   From the beginning Brian in sales was incredible and worked with us on our new house and what windows to pick. We had no answers for him and he was patient and worked with us on quality and cost to get us what we wanted. Jenny who worked with me on coordinating the installation was so nice and easy to work with too. She responded right away and made it such a smooth process. Then Brian and Travis installed our windows and doors and did an amazing job on the windows and doors and also working around our four chaotic dogs. They cleaned everything up at the end of the first day and it doesn't even look like all this work was done! Overall it was just an amazing experience and we would recommend this team to anyone. By far the best home improvement experience from start to finish.

    thumb Perynn D.

      On 12/11/17 I received all new windows and sliding door to a very old home.  I had single pane glass that melted my blinds. They leaked all around and you could feel wind through them.

    Good News was so reasonable and fast from estimate to finish (one day), the installers were fast, efficient, super clean and very, very nice thank you Brian and Lief for all your hard work

    I would highly recommend this company

    thumb Wanda N.
  •   At the end of summer, 2017 we embarked on a huge home improvement project. The project included new high-efficiency HVAC, water heater, pool heater, and ALL new windows and sliding doors. Good News Home Improvements (GNHI) was highly recommended to us by the company that we have trusted with all our HVAC work for many years.

    Boy did they come through!  First, the personal attention provided to us by the owner is second to none.  He is kind, thoughtful and interested in giving you the product that best suits your needs vs what would best suit his bottom line.

    Second, the staff he sent to work on our home was efficient, equally kind and personable, hardworking and thorough. We had three sliding doors,  9 giant windows, and various smaller windows. The workmanship is perfection and included trim.  

    Third, the quality of the product is also commendable.  I had a west facing window that literally toasted the wallpaper around it, leaving nothing but powder of the texturing.  That window would get so hot that you could not open the shutters, or touch either the glass or the metal trim during the summer for fear of burning yourself. The replacement windows are vinyl and specially tinted.  What a difference!  I have not closed the shutters on the west side of the house since the installation of the new windows (3 on that side). The months after the windows were installed were quite hot this year. Yet, we have not had to run the AC except on the absolute hottest days, and mostly for a quick cool off. But I have not closed the shutters AT ALL! NOT ONCE!

    Now that winter has set in the above is still true. I can touch the glass and the trim and it is cool, but not cold like the metal trim was in the past.  The house remains a constant 68 degrees with very little use of the furnace.  I kid you not, I went to pay my gas bill and decided to compare it to a year prior only to find that my bill was $180 less.  Yes, there have been many improvements in the efficiency of our equipment, but I truly believe that the windows make a huge difference.

    If you are considering an investment of this nature, it is well worth your time to speak to Mr. Holliday for an estimate. He is fair and honest and worthy of your business. I highly recommend his business and the work product.

    thumb C G.

      I was certainly impressed with the work done by Good News and would recommend them to anyone in the area looking to upgrade siding or windows.  We had our whole house resided with LP Smartside pre-painted lap siding.  The product looks amazing and the white trim is also a really nice touch.  Lon Catto, the rep from Good News, was super knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful.  We ran into a few "surprises" as this is a 70-year-old house and he was very fair in dealing with change orders that he could not have expected during the initial bid.  His installers did really meticulous work. We also had Good News install 14 new Anlin Windows and they look great!  They did all new insulation under the siding and were really efficient in dealing with county permits.  I should note, they also handled a few other side projects that took a level of craftsmanship that was truly impressive.  Highly Recommed!!

    thumb eric m.
  •   We could not be happier with our new Anlin windows, or our experience working with Good News making them happen. Top to bottom, from sales, to scheduling, all the way to the install -- everyone was responsive, respectful, professional, friendly, honest, and a pleasure to work with. You can really tell the entire team is committed to making the process as perfect as possible. Our sales visit left us confident in our purchase. The office was always easy to get ahold of for scheduling. The attention to detail by the installers was outstanding (they're wizards with sealant). And to top it all off the final product has been such a remarkable improvement for us in noise reduction, sealing out smoky air, and smooth operation that it feels like a major quality of life upgrade. We only did half our windows this time and we're already trying to figure out how soon we can get Good News back to do some more. 🙂

    thumb Jonathan O.

      I didn't get any work done by them, but I found them on yelp after my lawnmower kicked a rock or dirt clod into my glass slider, which didn't completely shatter the window, but got it spidering and it had been spidering for 15 minutes or so. They advised me to get to home depot to buy a plastic film (told me what to look for) so that if it did shatter, it wouldn't go all over the place. second, they told me that all i needed to do was replace the glass and not the entire door. they only do entire doors, so they gave me a few numbers of glass repair people to get me started.

    In my opinion, great customer service for spending a few minutes on the phone with a caller that they knew would have no immediate work for them right off the bat.  If I ever need windows replaced, they will be my first call.

    thumb Jon Q.
  •   Our home needed to have have all of the exterior trim replaced due to dry rot.  Good News Home Improvements did an excellent job and were very professional.  I would highly recommend them to anyone!

    thumb John L.

      We received a consultation from Brian at Good News. He followed up with us regularly and made the window process a very calm and educational one. There was no high pressure and he felt like he genuinely cared that we end up with a product we were happy with. We ended up going with another company based on price because we had very specific needs on the window we wanted and the larger company could get a better price and provided equally excellent customer service. I do believe if we wanted the same window that is made specifically for GNHI - which is an excellent window and highly rated by window professionals- we would have been happy with the window and install.

    He really was willing to bend over backwards to make our situation work. But in the long run, making payments over time, every penny counts.

    thumb Michelle P.
  •   If you are looking for quality work at an affordable price...these are your notch from beginning to end...they did a fantastic job on our siding...thanks Ed

    thumb Joe L.

      Highly ethical window and siding installation company. These folks are incredibly honest, and very knowledgeable about their products.  They have great looking installations all over the Sacramento region.

    thumb B B.
  •   I'm so surprised how long it's taken me to leave a review for Good News Home Improvements. I've been using them for years for our window I stalls on different projects and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Their prices are fair and their service from the office staff to install crews are out of this world good, honest and top notch. Thanks for always taking care of our homes.

    thumb Jaafar M.

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